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Our Ethos_

Jane Vincent FRIP founded Candelisa People in 2009 with 27 years’ recruitment industry experience. Back in 1997, Jane set up Horizon Recruitment. By 2008 Jane had grown the company to a turnover of millions and had won a host of awards, including Best of the Best in the Recruiter Awards.

As you’d expect, Jane has an eye for finding the right people. She’s built a team of recruiters who share her belief that relationships are everything in recruitment, and her passion for achieving the very best for both companies and applicants.

Looking for Staff_

If you appoint Candelisa People to find the right people for you, we’ll design a set of services to provide exactly what you need. It goes without saying that each applicant will be interviewed by a qualified REC contract director and that we’ll carry out skills, reference and legal checks.

Beyond that, we can offer you a whole lot more. We can test applicants on everything from substance misuse to shorthand, health and safety and spelling. We can also design assessments & deliver training.

Whatever you need in relation to your workforce, we can provide it.

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We're about People_

‘people’ is a plurality of persons considered as a whole, as in an ethnic group or nation.

Here at Candelisa People we value our staff, our clients and our candidates.  We look after and work with all ethnic groups and nationalities.

We're about Education_

‘education’ : the process of receiving or giving instruction/an enlightening experience.

We strive to enlighten our clients through free seminars and lectures and motivate our workforce through constant coaching and training.

We're about Environment_

environment : refers to the immediate physical and social setting in which people live or in which something happens or develops.

We encourage our temps to car share and promote recycling internally and externally.

We're about Community_

‘community’ is a social unit of any size that shares common values.

Candelisa People itself works as a family unit and  encourages its workforce to  share in its values and strong work ethic.  We support our local community through local sponsorship and recruitment campaigns.

Meet The Team_

Managing Director
Passionate about people and her daughter Lizzy Lou.
Contracts Director
Passionate about client satisfaction and her two son's George and Leo.
Contracts Director
Passionate about legendary customer service and his fiancée Heather.
Office Manager
Passionate about getting things right and her granddaughter Seren.
Recruitment Consultant
Passionate about client satisfaction and Bradford City.
Marketing Executive
Passionate about customer service and learning new skills.
Passionate about developing new skills and football.
Passionate about reading and listening to music.
Meeter & Greeter
Passionate about greeting visitors and her sheepskin rug.

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